Friday, May 4, 2012

My Ex Wants Me Back

"What are the signs my ex wants me back?"

Here's the master list, culled from years of successful reconciliations!

They start communicating with you again on a regular basis, and they initiate the communication. It could be emails, phone calls, text messages or face-to-face meetings.

They magically show up at places when you are there. Is it just coincidence? Probably not! They're using every chance they can get to see you and talk to you.

You hear from friends that they've been asking about you. They're probably not just interested in an update on how their ex is doing.

They're not seeing anybody new. You might hear from friends that they've got no interest in getting back into the game.

When you email or text them, they reply to you quickly.

If you talk on the phone, they linger there after the conversation's pretty much over like they want to talk more. And it's you that has to finally say goodbye and hang up each time.

They seem to overreact emotionally, like they seem like they've got something on their mind.

Whenever you see or talk to them, they act sweet and generous, or maybe even a little bit flirtatious.

They take opportunities to touch you, like putting a hand on your shoulder when they're talking to you.

They start using those old sweet nicknames again like baby, honey or darling.

In conversation, they repeat your name over and over again, like it gives them a warm feeling just to be saying your name.

Your ex is interested in what's going on in your life right now. They may ask you "how's it going?" a lot, and they're really interested in listening to what you have to say.

They ask you about who you're hanging out with these days, and ask you about people they don't know, especially people of the opposite sex. This means they're trying to figure out if you're seeing anybody or not.

When you talk with them, they tell you a lot about the things going on in their everyday life; telling you little anecdotes of random things that happen to them.

They talk a lot about personal improvement, working things out, going to the gym and other things they're doing to change and better themselves.

You notice that they're making an effort to look good whenever the two of you meet, maybe wearing some sharp new clothes or new fragrances.

They start to get interested in things that you're interested in. For example, if you're into dogs, they start talking about wanting a dog.

They like to talk with you about the future, and whenever they do, you're included in that future.

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