Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help me get my Ex Back

Are you wondering how to get my ex back but all you can feel is pain and heart break?

Have your tried everything in your power to try and make your ex reconsider their decision to but her or she doesn't even want to talk to you?

Thankfully almost all relationships can be saved once you change your approach.

(1) Avoid The Common Mistakes!

It's imperative that you do not blow your chance to get back with your ex by making the same mistakes as those before you. There is a certain pattern that emerges after a break up, do you find yourself constantly calling your ex? Are you sending them text messages and emails just to get some type of response from them?

If you are guilty of making these mistakes you must STOP immediately.

Nothing will push your ex away faster than a desperate and needy ex who isn't respecting their decision and acting immaturely. These actions can kill your relationship faster than you can blink.

(2) Dirty Tactics & Tricks?

You must NOT resort to desperate measures such as apologising for everything that went wrong in the relationship.

Taking blame for every problem. This is not what your ex wants to see or hear.

Do not beg and plead with your ex for another chance. Crying uncontrollably to your ex as well as grovelling and begging will do little to fix the problems that lead to your break up. Your ex is not questioning your love and devotion to them. Can I get back with my ex by letting them go? Yes, this is a critical component.

Your ex may feel that they can not get through to you and opt to simply ignore you, the last thing you want!

(3) Do reflect on exactly what the relationship problems were.

Chances are that you have some of the blame on your shoulders as well. Figure out what part you played in the relationship ruin.

(4) Do not play the blame game.

When you do have contact with him again, do not start in with the things he did to you or point out all of his flaws.

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