Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to win a Ex Back

Here are surefire ways to get your ex back in a simple yet effective manner:

1. Look Confident And Stay Calm

You have to understand that it is indeed your level of confidence that can actually help you in getting your lover back at warp speed. So, instead of appearing needy, you need to try and remain calm and give adequate space to your estranged lover. Quit begging your ex to come back to you and instead, allow him/her to be away for a while. While doing so, please do not forget to help him/her when he/she needs it the most. This would help instill confidence in the heart of your ex.

2. Give Space By Avoiding Instant Contact

The second way to get your estranged lover back is by avoiding calling or contacting him/her immediately after a break up. You are highly mistaken if you think that by calling your ex immediately after a break up, you would be able to resolve the issue. After a break up, there is no room for rational thoughts or conversations and hence you need to give yourself adequate time to organize your thoughts and think of a suitable strategy to win your ex back.

3. Mix With Friends

After a breakup, you often feel tempted to hide and you seldom leave your home and mix around with your friends. This is not at all right. In order to feel better and avoid thinking about your ex for a while, you need to try and mix around with your friends, so that you have a relaxed frame of mind, after which, you can easily strategize on how to win your ex back.

4. Realize the Problem

When a relationship breaks down, it does not happen overnight. It is important to realize what went wrong. Realizing and acknowledging the problem is the first step towards reconciliation.

5. Changing Yourself Or Perception

In a breakup, one is not happy with something about the other partner. It can be the way one behaves, speaks or treat him or her. Perhaps, there is a blind spot which you have ignored for too long that needs correction. Or even the way you have always wanted her to change for your sake. A strong relationship means accepting each other for his or her faults and still loving without first demanding a change.

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