Monday, April 30, 2012

Cool Dance Moves for Kids Girls 2012

Michael Jackson Dance Moves -

The Soulful Robot:

Although he may not have been the creator of the robot move, when he did perform the robot, it was a treat for the eyes. When he moved through a choreographed routine like an automaton, what could be seen on stage was the fluidity and the serpentine motion with which he set the stage on fire. This move, which was made popular by MJ, set off a whole series of moves, such as the lock and pop and numerous other sub genres.

Shake it up -

The world's most loved and the best known star of Rock, the ultimate artist to have ever graced the earth till date- Michael Jackson is better known for his immaculate forms of dancing rather than his occasional fits of hysteria.

Street Types -

Street dancing has taken the world by storm today. And with video sharing sites upping the ante on the same, it has been a revolution. Today everyone irrespective of their age is seen shaking a leg, at least trying to do as the professional street dancers do. It is perhaps the only thing that is as tough as it appears.

Ballet -

Know what the steps are called. You may encounter a lot of French terms when you learn to dance ballet so you may want to learn the terms in advance so you will not be overwhelmed on learning the dance steps together with pronouncing the step's names. Take extra time beforehand to know the terms, the theories and the basic positions in a ballet dance.

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