Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to be Happy with Yourself Quotes

Discovering how to be happy with yourself is the first step to becoming a relaxed, confident and interesting person that will be as attractive to other people as you are to yourself.

Don't procrastinate. One of the strongest killers of well-being is to put off doing what needs done. Sometimes these needs-doing things pile up so high that the climb looks impossible.

Do what needs done as quickly as possible. Try not to let undone things get ahead of you. You will feel happier.

Do something for another person -

Take the focus off yourself for a while by doing something positive for another person. Maybe you just offer to walk someone's dog when you know they don't have time, or maybe you go the whole hog and volunteer at a homeless shelter or retirement home.

Do things that make you smile -

Spending your life working hard and caring for your family is very honorable, but unless you take time out to do things that make you happy, you will never really learn to value yourself. Schedule time to indulge your hobbies, whether that's playing golf, taking long walks, watching classic films, going dancing, or supporting your local baseball team.

Finish what you start -

Give your life a real boost by finishing what you start. Sometimes this means avoiding trying to multi-task. I know. I know.

Multi-tasking is the information age's way of dealing effectively with the present world.

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