Sunday, March 25, 2012

African Killer Bees Types Facts

The Africanised Killer Bees are widely feared by the public, a reaction that has been encouraged by sensationalist movies and exaggerated media reports.

Although this bee is much more aggressive than a European Honey Bee, stings from African Bees kill only 1-2 people per year in the United States which is a similar figure to that of wasps and European honey bees.

They are hostile, invasive species that require the help of a pest control company to eliminate.

How to Identify Killer Bees -

They are capable of killing grown adult when they are disturbed so you better give them the peace and the respect that they need.

Their aggressive nature has earned them starring roles in movies and television shows, but most individuals know little about these insects or how killer bees ended up in the United States.

Once you get near them, it would be better if you will cover your face and your upper body and run away as fast as you can inside your house or your car. An ordinary bee may chase you for fifty yards but Africanized bees may even pursue in chasing you farther.

Killer Bees Nest -

They will build a nest anywhere they can find a hole large enough to fit through and their nests are much smaller.If they cannot find a suitable concealed location they will nest in the ground or in tree branches.

They swarms ten times or more a year allowing them to colonize much larger areas.

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