Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 10 Best Horror Movies 2011

List of Top 10 Good Scariest Horror Movies List -

(1) The Exorcist - Not any motion picture has ever come near to the incredible natural capacity to completely get cold your skin that this movie had. I still get nightmares even today and certainly number 1 in my Top 100 Horror Movies for all time list.

(2) Jaws - Though occasionally mistaken for a suspense or thriller movie, this is undoubtedly a beast feature horror movie then one of the most traumatizing films ever made. Everyone away from the water!

(3) Carrie - Brian de Palma's work of art based on the Stephen King best seller.

(4) Nosferatu - Hushed old classic in ghoulish grayscale.

(5) Carnival of Souls - Would make absolutely no feeling at all, however you will not likely soon forget about this haunting black and white horror noir classic.

(6) The Blob - I like the last one best, but they are great.

(7) The Ring - That creepy girl having a very long hair should have stuck down the well.

(8) The Birds - Hitchcock at his ridiculous, scary, feathery best.

(9) Alien- This sci-fi horror fest tested the limits of audience paranoia.

(10) Night of the Living Dead. Naturally I mean the 1968 B & W edition. Super terrifying! Our virgin motion picture venture into the land of zombie mobs.

Korean Horror Movies 2011 -

With the Korean horror movie wave came another version of The Red Shoes in 2005 which became typical of the look of these Korean horror films.

The creepy girl with long hair who could do body contortions from Cirque de Soleil.

Japanese Horror Movies 2011 -

"Ringu" - adopted from a novel based on a Japanese ghost folktale and directed by Hideo Nakata - an outstanding Japanese director, and was the highest grossing film in Japan upon release in 1998, not for great cinematography, but the mythical story passed down from generations that fueled it.

Stephen Susco not only wrote the remake titled "The Grudge", but also incorporated Takashi Shimizu, the director of the original film titled "Ju-on", just one year after its release in 2003.

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