Friday, February 24, 2012

Easy Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas 2011

Halloween is an exciting time of year. Not just for kids but for elders as well.

The origin of Halloween is fascinating and anyone interested in finding out about the history of Halloween and where this American tradition was founded, will find the information in this article to be eye-opening.

Best DIY Halloween Costumes 2011 -

You can make terrific costumes using regular items from around your house.

Take a white sheet, a pair of scissors, and a permanent marker and you have a ghost. Take some pieces of old rags, a black piece of cardstock, a stapler and some glue and you have an old witch. Here are some creative homemade costume ideas for your children.

Cool Halloween Costumes For Boys -

Take a black shirt, a pair of black sweat pants, a belt and a few plastic knives and swords from your local department store and you have an Arabian Ninja Assassin.

Tie a black scarf around his face to cover everything except his eyes. Use safety pins if you have to to keep it in place. Dress him in all black, hand him his weapons, and give him a belt to put them in and you are done!

Good Cute Halloween Costumes For Girls -

Girls may not be into the scary look for Halloween and may be more interested in looking like little fairies.

That is just fine, because on Halloween, they can look however they like. You can buy fairy wings in most stores for weeks before the holiday starts. With a little make up and face paints you can transform your little girl into the most gorgeous fairy to fly in the Halloween night's sky.

Halloween is all about having fun, so make sure you feel comfortable and ready to party.

Remember - the most popular costumes are those that fall into the usual categories, such as scary mythological creatures.

Don't be afraid to be timely and also shocking, but only if it fits your personality enough that you'll be comfortable with it.

Halloween Dresses are often the ones that are unique, relevant, and memorable.

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