Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy Cool Dance Moves for Kids 2012

How to learn Easy Cool Dance Moves can be easy with proper determination and body flexibility.

During the 70's up to the 80's, this dance move has been liked by dance aficionados. Now, it has been reinvented and different break dancing steps have been added with great agility and it is quite enjoyable for many.

After flexing your body, it is time for you to learn the basics in break dance. Some of these are:
• Boyoing
• Top rock
• Uprock
• Side step
• Outlaw step
• Power step
• Derulo rock
• Head spin
• Kick step
• Hip twist
• 4 corners

These are just some of the dancing steps that you can apply. However, there are still initial steps wherein you can do to add up other steps. Just start practicing the basics and you can incorporate others as well.

Just take the example of the power moves. This kind of dance step needs full body coordination. After determining the power moves, you can add up the air twist, flare, float and head mills. This will only mean that there are thousands of possible dance combinations you can incorporate in your basic dance move.

In a flare dance, let your legs swing in a basic motion. Make sure that your hands are on the floor to properly execute the dance. You can then add up the two legged flare, hopping flare, lotus flare and sandwich flare as well.

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