Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top Best Android Tablet Apps 2012

Android offers a wide variety of applications and among these are those that allow free phone calls.

Google Voice -

It features real-time functionality, allows receive text and voice messages instantly as they arrive.

It has an "inbox synchronization" feature which when activated, displays any messages that arrives within seconds.

Also, you could make international calls with your Google number. You can also send free text messages with this application.

Fring -

It has a brand-new profile screen and a new look on the buddy list. A dialer has been added. This makes Fring attractive to its users, aside from its capability of making calls. The updated buddy list is now made friendlier. It displays your buddy's picture and mood line; same goes with the call screen.

Viber for Android beta -

Lets you call Viber user over 3G and Wi-Fi connection, allows free text messaging, can have unlimited calling and texting to any Viber user on either Android or iPhone.

Skype -

It quite similar to the iPhone version.When signing in, you could immediately see who of your contacts are online. You can send messages and make calls over Wi-Fi or a standard 3G connection.

Navigation is easy and the menus are colorful and sharp.

Guava -

With this Apps, you can make free calls to any US number using your Google Voice and Gizmo5 account. It allows you to receive calls to your Google Voice number provided you have an internet connection.

You can also send text messages to US phones with this application.

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