Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top Android 2.3 Gingerbread Features 2011

What is Gingerbread Android - Its one type of smart phone latest operating system Android Version, through which users enjoy more from games and multimedia with advantages of Adobe Flash player support.

It allow users to have full access to websites that run Flash-based animation, videos, graphics, and text rendering.

It shows off a slick new look in the form of an black, orange, and green interface, which may be some of the most aesthetically pleasing and coolest changes, but that of course is a matter of opinion.

I ended up moving back to my previous ROM version. I would say that if you want to move to the its platform, go right ahead. It comes with many salient features for the users; for the Android development aficionados, includes many new technologies and APIs that support developing great apps.

Features - It comes with an improved on-screen keyboard enabling faster input, intuitive typing, and quick editing.

The user interface is designed for better power efficiency and refined for faster learning and easy usage. VoIP is now integrated into it though you will have to get a SIP account from a 3rd party.

VoIP lets you make voice calls over the Internet to other users who have SIP accounts. It introduces the "task killer" which can be used to terminate misbehaving applications.

This version gives the user a better insight into the apps running in the background, memory usage, and CPU time usage.

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