Saturday, December 31, 2011

Canadian Inventions List 2011

With all the intelligent Cool Inventions that are have been introduced to us over the past few years it comes as no surprise when something new is invented and changes the way we live.

It is becoming harder and harder to shock people with new and interesting creations, with the wide range of innovative products now on the market.

If this sounds like you then the BLUE bowl may be for you. This concept is from Turkish designers and the bowl emits a blue light that is suppose to help keep your fruit fresher for longer. The blue light also helps fight off e.coli, salmonella, and ethylene gas.

Harry Wasylyk (1925) - He is one of the famous canadian investors from Winnipeg, Wasylyk invented the disposable green garbage bag in 1950.

Richard Gurley Drew - He worked for 3M where he invented Scotch Tape.

The Scotch part of name was originally used as a derogative as the first prototype only had adhesive along its edges and not in the middle, but the name stuck.

Pun totally intended.

Benjamin Banneker - He was mathematician, surveyor, and farmer who published the first Farmers' Almanac from 1792 through 1797.

Before the Famous Inventions of electric power, many different sorts of experiments were done by Franklin and Edison n the creation of it and hence after a longer time period they both were successful in it.

The electric power was produced by flying a kite in the lightening time and keeping the iron rod in his hand. This lightening with the iron rod began to produce some electric power.

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